Avec Elina

Discovering the Italian taste experiences for body and soul

Welcome to Avec Elina

The taste of juicy, sweet figs. The soft, warm breeze of the emerald ocean on your skin. The bubbles of delicate Franciacorta in the glass. And all those moments of serendipity when you enter the streets of Italy. 

This is my online diary about the taste experiences for body and soul related to Italy. I’ve studied the Italian language and researched its culture, cucina italiana, and the concept of bella figura for almost 20 years as a passionate hobby, and travelled the country countless of times. I’m fascinated by the contrasts that Italy offers compared to Finnish culture and lifestyle, and my heart beats thousand times faster when there is its culinary secrets and wine culture in question.

During my travels I’ve met people that I never would have imagined to meet, seen places that are not featured on Lonely Planet nor on TripAdvisor, and experienced the diversity of feelings almost impossible to put in words. And the more experiences I’ve gather the more some of these memories, no matter how important, start to fade. Therefore, this site is my online journal to recall these most valuable moments of serendipity by writing, and with pictures that are mainly presented on my Instagram feed.

Baci, Elina