Little piece of heaven

The only thing I had in my mind when I passed by Piazza Navona next to my place, was lunch. Ristorante, pizzeria, trattoria, panificio… In each corner there were dozens of options which to choose from, most of them in this area unfortunate  tourist traps, though. But that I didn’t mind, I knew exactly where I was going so I continued towards Campo de’Fiori, the “flower market”. I know these streets by heart and I got excited as a little child when I was getting closer to my final destination. And then… Via dei Chiavari… I was able to see the local white collars in front of the number 34 and I stopped there, right next to the door that says Antico Forno Roscioli.

The smell of freshly baked bread and pizza welcomed me when I entered, and I faced the exact chaos inside that I could recall from the past. Quanto? Con la mozzarella? How much? The one with mozzarella? And the huge knife cuts the pieces of this meters long pizza, pizzaiolo weights my slice, and gives me the receipt to pay my treat before handing it over.

…and then after a while I had this crunchy, hot, pizza in front of my me. I took a spot outside next to the front door, ate standing, fast, as you do it here. I heard the locals next to me chatting about the Easter – what’d be on the menu and that the colomba, traditional Easter cake, still had to be bought before heading further. And in that exact moment I realized how calm I felt. Calm, happy and full of pure joy. This was exactly how things should be. In balance, like that silky mozzarella and the tomatoes on top of this little piece of heaven that I had in my hands.







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