The promise of summer

It was one of those warm spring days in Rome on Easter Saturday when you can feel the promise of the summer in the air. I stepped on the Leonardo Express at the airport to get as soon as possible to the heart of the city – I couldn’t wait to see the familiar places that I’ve missed so much again! And, as always, right when I arrived in Termini the masses of people and huge noise surrounded me. English, German, Russian, Italian… “Scusi Signor… permesso… grazie!” And a big smile.

There was also this sweet smell of cornetti, which I always have to have as a breakfast when in Italy, still lingering in the air, and I could feel my stomach growling. But it was not the breakfast time anymore. It was getting closer to noon and I needed to hurry to get into my apartment by the lunch time. Since that’s one of the main reasons for anyone traveling in Italy; colazione, lunch, aperitivo, dinner, gelato… or gelato, dinner, caffe corretto or 2… and still one cornetto at 3am before heading to the bed after the long night.

For once finding the free cab didn’t take too long, though it was Easter and the Eternal City was supposed to be full of tourists. “Vicolo di Montevecchio, per favore”. I felt almost surreal when we crossed the Piazza Venezia and I could see that huge monument of Vittoriano built in honor to the king Vittorio Emanuele II on our left. The monument is also known as torta nuziale, the wedding cake, and I need to admit it does look a bit like a wedding cake to me… in all its whiteness, form and size… Haven’t met anyone in Italy yet that would actually like it but it surely is an impressive sight.

And after 15 minute ride without any  usual traffic jams, we arrived in my alley, vicolo. To my little AirBnB rental, right in the middle of Centro Storico. I thanked the driver, gave him the tip of a 10 percent, found the key from where the landlord had told me I would, and took the tiniest elevator ever to the 4th floor. Finally I was there, and I would have almost 6 sweet days ahead of me ❤







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