Learning Italian

Here we go… subject Italy continues (I’m sure you would have never guessed 😉 )! It seems like my interest regarding that country and its culture is getting stronger each day, and now I’m looking forward to start the language studies again in mid-September. I think it’s impossible to gain the deep understanding of the … More Learning Italian

Rome Alone

It’s been only 1,5 days that I’ve been in Rome now, but it feels I’ve strolled around the city for ages – in a good way! I love this city and though it’s been super hot (+30 degrees celcius) and it’s been just me and myself here this time, I feel so happy in this … More Rome Alone

Next stop: Rome-Fabriano-Senigallia-Anzio

Finally the departure-time is getting closer! I’m leaving for holidays to Italy next Sunday, and after all this rain (oh yes, it’s raining also now) and cold weather we’ve had in Finland for weeks now, I’m so ready to leave and feel the warmth of the sun again… and have some oh-so-good-can’t-get-enough taste experiences! I’ve been to … More Next stop: Rome-Fabriano-Senigallia-Anzio

Amsterdam: Street food festival Rollende Keukens

During our visit to Amsterdam, there was also a street food festival Rollende Keukens in the city. This festival felt like a heaven to a foodie, and offered so many different tastes to try that I felt I’d go crazy! I got hooked especially to this spicy virgin drink made from fresh mint and ginger – it was just so … More Amsterdam: Street food festival Rollende Keukens