Learning Italian

Here we go… subject Italy continues (I’m sure you would have never guessed 😉 )!

It seems like my interest regarding that country and its culture is getting stronger each day, and now I’m looking forward to start the language studies again in mid-September. I think it’s impossible to gain the deep understanding of the culture without the ability to speak with locals in their mother tongue, so learning Italian is high on my priorities now.

To get into mood of improving the language skills already, I’ve been reading these Italian travel and food magazines (oh well, “read” might be a too strong word for that since I’m not that fluent yet…) like a maniac. Couple of magazines that I like and which you can get from the largest book stores in Helsinki (and most likely in every other big city outside Italy), are travel magazine Bell’Italia and the cooking magazine La Cucina Italiana. Also some daily newspapers, including Corriere della Sera, and La Repubblica are popping up to my newsfeed on Facebook for some reason… 😉 Not that I’d understand even half of the texts (it feels like newspapers are written in the kind of Italian that has nothing to do with the language that I’ve learned at school…), but it’s nice to have the language and country’s topical issues somehow closer in my everyday life.

I’ve also “finally” discovered YouTube, which seems to be full of interesting short and longer documentaries about the country  also in English (thank God!). One that I can recommend is the BBC -documentary Italy Unpacked, which has at least these two sequences The Art of the Feast and Looking to the Future available on YouTube (if you’ve found more, please let all of us know in the comments field!). And, of course, there is this all time favorite of mine, Antonio and Gennaro, with the show Two Greedy ItaliansAlso their cook book is both fun to read and full of great Italian recipes, and is in heavy use in my kitchen – in Swedish, though, haha!

And, of course, to set up the perfect surroundings for my Italian studies at home, everything that I’ve brought from my travels within the past few years take me back to those lovely, important places each day here in Helsinki. The Italian espresso that I got from Anzio, poured into these small espresso cups that I brought from San Gimignano in summer 2013, surely makes my Sunday morning… not to mention those small, hand crafted bowls for olive oil or snacks, or the cook books about traditional Italian cooking at the shelves…. at the kitchen table… sofa… living room floor… wherever I might have felt like getting some inspiration for cooking!

And speaking of cooking, I think it would be dinner time now here in Helsinki, so… Buon Appetito e a presto!




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