Dolce Vita – 15 days of Italian living

…and as always, there is the beginning and the end in traveling. As there was on my trip to Italy as well. I came back home very late on Monday night, luggages full of pasta, truffle paste and all the other delicacies… and just a few new shoes, of course! I have no clue what I was thinking when I decided to start working RIGHT after the day I got back from the 2-week culinary journey but I did, so last couple of evenings I’ve been recovering from the travels and the workdays… But now I’m more than excited to start sharing the experiences I had in that amazing country!

The trip was way more than what I had even dared to dream of. First the buzz in the streets of hot Rome, and then I was ready to move forward to these small cities of Fabriano, Senigallia and Anzio – each of which I was pampered by 4 different Italian food experts, a.k.a. the real, breathing, Italian people. I learned how to prepare the perfect gnocchi in a pecorino-tomato sauce, was introduced to gricia which is a very typical dish in Lazio area, got finally the chance to taste the cacio & pepe -pasta, received tips how to prepare the authentic spaghetti alle vongole and so simple yet delicious cherry tomato and zucchini contornis (and I didn’t even like zucchini before!) from the real Italian nonna…  I also learned how the parmigiana should really look and taste like (and it definitely was not the same dish that I’ve made at home… but now i know better!), and went to some so amazing restaurants by the sea that I doubt if the seafood ever tastes the same again! Oh how I miss my old and new friends there already, the laid back atmosphere in the small villages, and the perfect food… and I just feel very grateful of having had the opportunity to see and experience all that! Thank you Niina, Marco, Lorenzo, Mirella, Angelica, Michelangelo and Tiina, and all my other dear friends I was traveling with, you made my vacation one of the most amazing ever! 🙂

I’m planning my next trip to Italy already, and there might be even a chance to visit a vineyard in the harvest season. But before that I’ll be returning to the country many times in my future posts – I must have hundreds of pics in my camera and iPhone to go through now, and so many things to write about, that it’s hard to decide where to start! To get into mood already, below there are some pictures and here you can find the perfect music to accompany the feeling. Todis quartet was playing in Anzio on the Alceste Caffe, where we had the most amazing time (and food!) last Saturday. Maybe one day we have a chance to see these artists even in Finland 😉




2 thoughts on “Dolce Vita – 15 days of Italian living

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks for commenting, I saw your blog also and it looks really nice! Italy is my absolute favorite and hopefully I’d have a chance to spend more time in that amazing country in near the future 🙂 Enjoy your travels!


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